Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Really Big Announcement!

Many of you know that I have two younger brothers. No sisters. Many of you also know that I have always wanted a sister. I prayed countless times for God to give me a sister.

Well, folks, that prayer is being answered!

Yep! You remember Lydia, who I posted about a few days ago? The one who raised over $20,000 to adopt a child with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe? Her family offered to give my family the extra money so we could adopt a child from Reece's Rainbow (see www.reecesrainbow.com). I told my parents it HAD to be a girl. We've got two boys, we need another girl!

So we chose a little girl with Down syndrome from Russia. Her name is Evangeline, Evan for short. The agency tells us that she is calm and affectionate. She's very quiet and she loves to help the caregivers. She also cleans up after all the other children and makes sure everything is neat and tidy. When one of the other children is crying or upset, she'll try to comfort them and make them feel better. She has grayish-blue eyes and super blonde hair. She is the sweetest thing I've seen in my entire life! She's MY SISTER! Now, we have around $9,000 left over from Lydia's fundraising. Adopting from Russia costs around $27,000. I have absolutely no worries that we will be able to raise this money. However, in order to raise money, we have to have people GIVE money. So, please contact me if you're interested!

BUT. Until Christmas is over, I have committed to raising money for little Dennis. I want SO BADLY to start raising money for my sister Evan, but I made a commitment, and I'm going to stick with it. So if you want to donate, please wait until AFTER Christmas, or you can donate to Dennis. Both would be appreciated!! Please be praying for my family and MY SISTER Evan.

This just goes to show that even though it may take YEARS, God does answer your prayers in time! Trust, trust, trust Him. He will not let you down!!!!

(Pictures will have to wait, I'm not sure we have rights to those. I will put them up if and when I can.)

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