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Age: 8
Location: Sarah's Covenant Homes in Ongole, India
Special Needs: A urological challenge, hemivertebra and scoliosis

"Andrew is a sweet, intelligent little boy, who now attends mainstream school. He suffers from a urological challenge that has required some surgical intervention, and he also is in need of spinal surgery for hemivertebra and scoliosis. He is very affectionate and warm-hearted. When he grows up, he wants to buy a big black car and give all of his buddies rides in it."

"Oh, Andrew! He is literally too cute for words! Andrew has a small lisp when he talks which just adds to the cute factor he's got going! Andrew is so much fun! I remember being at SCH and sitting outside in the courtyard and I heard some loud laughter coming from the older boys' room. I looked into the window and saw flashes of what seemed to be young boys rolling past me. When I went in to see who it was, I realized it was Andrew, Brent, and Palmer doing somersaults all the way down the row of beds on the wall! The three of them have become the "three amigos." All three of the boys attend the same school together and you can often find them playing together! When he is not playing with his friends, Andrew can be very free spirited. He loves to be in the action and find out what you're doing!"

Andrew is partially sponsored, but he still needs more sponsors and prayer warriors! Please commit to keeping Charlie in your prayers this month, and if you are interested in helping to sponsor him, please visit his sponsorship page.

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