Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Beauty of Silence

A lot of you know that I absolutely LOVE to write (hence the blogging...)! Well, every once in a while, the good Lord gives me pictures, scenes in my mind. Unlike some people, I don't paint it, I don't try to capture it in photography. I can't do those things. I write it. I write out in the most vivid language I can what God has revealed to me. I had just started reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan last night. I got about two sentences in before I got this amazing scene in my head. It was a hard message for me to receive, as it was on the beauty of silence. And, being completely obsessed with music, I really don't like silence. But sometimes, it's not about what we like, it's about what's best for us. And sometimes that's silence.

The Beauty of Silence: A Short Story

The girl knocked on the large, wooden doors once more. This was the third time she'd been to see Him today. She understood what He wanted her to do. It's just that she had quite a few questions. She didn't see where He was going with this, or how He expected her to pull it off. The moment the doors creaked open, she burst into the foyer, words spilling out of her mouth. An endless stream of doubts and worries rushed out, filling the gigantic room with uncertainty and confusion.
"Enough," God said in his deep, resonant voice. The girl cringed, lashed by the harshness of His tone. She fell silent as His speech took on a rhythm like the beating of drums, strong and steady. Entranced, she sat cross-legged on the floor, staring up at Him. He explained all of His plans to her as she sat there and listened. However, she still didn't think it would work.
"But - " He covered her mouth with His finger.
"All will be clear if only you will listen." She nodded and pursed her lips, awaiting instruction. As she listened to all He had to say, something clicked inside of her. And she understood. She didn't understand what was going to happen afterward, or even how exactly it was going to work now. But she did know that God had everything under control. She had no idea how He was going to work, or why He'd chosen her, but it would work. Because He had come up with it. And everything He came up with worked. Maybe it just wouldn't be how she thought it would.

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