Monday, January 18, 2010


What is worship, really?

Worship can be anything you do so long as you do it for the glory of God. But, today, I want to talk specifically about worship in a church setting. Every week when I go to church, we have "worship" before service starts. During this time, I see people standing, kind of glancing around at people to see what they're reaction should be. I see people texting. I see people glancing at their watches, worrying about how they only have so much time in the day, and they really didn't want to spend it on "worship". It's sad, isn't it? What America has made worship today. They make it so that it's mandatory. It's not optional. It's just something we do, because it's expected.

I found this video, quite by accident. I was looking for African gospel music on youtube, when I stumbled across this. This man created this video while he was on a mission trip in South Africa. He made it for his preteen ministry, because he thought it'd be good for them to see. I think it's good for all of us to see. It may not be the best in effects, but this man speaks some really powerful words. And it's a message I think we all need to hear.

Isn't that incredible? While we worship God because it's a part of our week, it's expected, it's
just a routine, they worship God because they know for a fact he's all they've got. I wish that I
could be in a situation like they're in just so I could fully understand that. I think we could all
use that wake up call.

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