Friday, January 22, 2010

Mindy Needs Help!

Meet Mindy. Mindy lives in Russia, and has Down syndrome. And we all know what that means.

She's 3 years old - she'll be transferred to an institution in 8 days if someone doesn't step up.

Please, please, PLEASE be praying for this sweet girl! She needs a family just like Evan, and just like Levi did! Pray that someone will see her and fall in love with her and take her home to be a part of their forever family!

Pass on this information! The more people that know about Mindy, the more likely someone is to adopt her!

Who came up with this whole institution idea, anyway? I'd like to give that guy a piece of my mind!'

You can see her picture at Click on Waiting Children --> More "At Risk" Children Ages 3-5 --> Waiting Children, then scroll down to Other Countries. She is second on that list.

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