Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Been Fun!

Well, this has been one of the most exciting weeks I've had in quite a long time. Me and my friend learned quite a bit about each other and quite a bit more about ourselves. For instance, this week I learned about myself:

In baking, when in doubt, I add milk (not the best decision I've ever made. Our shortbread was a little off).
When writing romance novels, I enjoy the old "damsel in distress" situations.
Jennifer Higdon (the classical composer) is to me what Rihanna is to other teenage girls.

We had a whole lot of fun and grew a lot closer to Christ and to each other.

I also had the pleasure of going to the symphony last night. The symphony is one of my favorite places to go (we get in free through a special offer to homeschoolers). I've been about five or six times this past semester.
Last night, there was an incredible violinist there, Hilary Hahn, who was performing a piece that was written especially for her by contemporary classical composer Jennifer Higdon. It turns out that the composer was actually there and that they were both signing autographs afterward. I told Ms. Higdon that I wanted to be a composer too when I grow up. She was very enthusiastic and supportive about it and told me to "just write, write anything, just write it down."

I don't think people realize just how much that meant to me. A REAL, LIVE composer who writes classical music for a living. I got to MEET her! AND she was supportive of my dream of writing music! To me, that was better than meeting and having a conversation with the president or Johnny Depp or Rihanna or anyone else. It meant so much. And I am so thankful that God put her in my life last night.

Usually, I tend to give up on my music because it doesn't sound as good as John Williams or Hans Zimmer or anyone I want to write music like. But Ms. Higdon told me it didn't matter what it sounded like, whether it was good or bad, just to write. So I think I will be writing much more music. I will probably be posting a lot of it on here, along with music I've written before but have never posted. Wish me luck!


  1. I totaly understand how much that it ment to you to meet that composer!! I still think that adding milk to our shortbread was not a good idea!!! But I now know that i love to bake!!
    - Hannah R.

  2. Oh I saw Hilary Hahn too!! Ahhh, she was fabulous! I love going to the symphony! - Lily :o)