Friday, January 15, 2010

The Beauty of Down Syndrome

Before we adopted Levi, I had no idea really what Down syndrome was. I knew that people who had it were mentally disabled, but other than that I knew nothing.

Down syndrome occurs through a genetic mutation in the 21st chromosome. They get an extra one, so instead of two, they have three.

People with Down syndrome have lower IQs, and may be more prone to other medical issues such as heart problems.

They can have slanted eyes that are farther apart than ours.

But, what people can't see in the medical diagnoses is that Down syndrome is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Levi is the happiest child I have ever met. Sure, he has a little extra chromosome, but why does that change anything? He loves, loves, LOVES his Momma, and laughs like a madman at pretty much anything! Not to mention he's so darn cute!

People often don't like to associate with people with Down syndrome. Because they're different. They don't think like we do. But, I think that they are closer to what God meant for us than we are. They love unconditionally no matter what you think about them, and they are always happy! They're not afraid to show what they think or what they believe.

I wouldn't take away Levi's Down syndrome if I could. I would take away the medical problems that come with it (pacemaker, feeding tube, etc.), but God made Levi exactly as he wanted him. Extra chromosome and all.

The pictures are from top to bottom (all have Down syndrome): Charlie Hollis, Evan Hook, Levi Hook, Hope Hollis.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! While others think of Down Syndrom a 'disability', other like us think of it as an extrodinary gift. Children and adults with down syndrom has their own gifts and talents: ultimate trust in others, aren't easily embarresed so they follow their own instincts or do what they felt lead to do, they laugh easily and laugh long, they bless others in crazy ways that they don't even know. It makes me sad to think that some people would look down on children like these or feel unconfortable around others who are different than they, and i'm glad there are people like you who are telling them that they AREN'T as different as they think!