Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Children

Yes, yes, yes!

It's time to announce the childREN of the month! It used to be just child (singular) to pray for, but, hey, what's one or two more, right? When you're praying for a child to come home? So, I've decided that for MAXIMUM prayer impact, we are going to line up our children of the month with the Hollis family's ( children of the month.

There is a family that is adopting two little girls with special needs from the Ukraine. They're in the same orphanage as Amy Joy (the Hollis's little girl)! They have seven children, three with special needs, but are ready to follow the Lord and take this next step to add to their family.

Child #1: Laura
You can view her picture at She is under Waiting Children -> Children with Down syndrome 0-2. She is under Orphanage 16.

Child #2: Vivienne
You can view her picture at the same place as Laura's. They're at the same orphanage.

Emergency Child #3: Lera
You can see her picture at Waiting Children --> Most "At Risk" Children Ages 3-5 --> Waiting Children and then scroll down to the Other Countries section. She's right at the top of it.
Lera was actually a child my family was considering adopting because she was going to be transferred to an institution within a matter of days if someone didn't step up (and who can say no to that face?). But when we e-mailed and said that we would take her, we found out that someone else had already chosen her. But Lera has lost her family. Just like Dennis. And she will be moved to an institution soon if someone doesn't step up for her! Please, PLEASE be praying for little Lera! You all know how I get my hopes up for my sisters (and she was pretty close to becoming one).

Do NOT underestimate the power of prayer! Please commit to praying for these three children for the month of February! Oh, and for those just joining, all of these children have Down syndrome and live in countries where they will be institutionalized at age 4 if they aren't adopted before then.

UPDATE: Neither Dennis nor Mindy have been transferred to an institution yet, but neither of them have families yet either. So keep them in your prayers this month as well.

Got that? Pray for: Dennis, Mindy, Lera, Laura, and Vivienne. (And also Evan and Amy Joy if you think about it).

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