Friday, January 7, 2011


I've never fasted before. Truthfully, I never wanted to, never really saw the point.

Fasting, though, is not simply "starving yourself for God", which is what I always thought it was (hence never seeing a point). When you think about how hungry you are, you instead direct your mind to whatever you want to be praying for or about. This keeps you focused on God and what you intended to be focused on.

Today and tomorrow, I'm fasting. For various reasons, some that can't be shared yet, but also for a decision that I have to make soon.

In the next year, I have the potential opportunity to go to both Peru and China. I'll be caring for orphans in both places. I feel called to both places. The only problem: I don't know that I have the resources to raise the funds for both places.

I fully believe that if I'm supposed to go to both China and Peru, God will provide the funds for both. But, I don't want to rush in and commit to both when God doesn't really want me to.

Hence the fasting. Well, part of it. I hope with all my heart that God will reveal something to me during this time. All I want is His will to be done, whether that be China, Peru, or both.

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  1. Hi Tori,

    Wow, fasting has always been a tough one for me too. I will be thinking of you over the weekend and hope you hear "a still small voice" that will help you make the best decisions. What an awesome opportunity it would be to go to both Peru and China. Praying for your intentions.
    Patty Lococo