Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who Am I?

I love to take personality quizzes. I am a very introspective person, and they give me insight into who I am and how I act in certain situations.

Over the years, I've been told by these quizzes that I am like Cinderella, Jane Bennet (Pride & Prejudice), and Sam (The Lord of the Rings). I've been told that I am very loyal person, that I love my family, and that I have very strong morals.

But, along with these results, comes a percentage. 24% of people got this result. 50%, 72%, 98%. If only a hundred people had taken a certain quiz, and only 10% had gotten the same result as me, that's still 10 people who are exactly like me.

I didn't like that at all. Who am I? How am I different than all those other people who took the quiz?

When I would take more advanced personality tests, I was thrust into one of sixteen personality types. Mine described me perfectly. While I was happy to get insight into the way I act and why I act that way, I was still disappointed. 1 in every 16 people were just like this. They fit into this category too. How was I different?

My crisis was further brought to the surface by social groups at school, or just in general. I hoped I wasn't a geek, I definitely wasn't a jock or a cheerleader-type, and I wasn't goth or emo either. I didn't really fit into any of the stereotypes. So who was I? Where did I fit in?

While I may never fit into a certain stereotype here on earth, I can be rest assured that I will fit right in when I get to Heaven. Of course I won't fit in to any stereotypes on earth! I'm not of the earth, my home is in God's Kingdom. My question was finally answered!

Who am I? I am a daughter of God! He made me exactly the way he wants me to be. He created me to love classical music, to have a fierce passion for orphans, to love to write! He didn't want me to fit into any of the world's stereotypes, just His.

He made you that way too. No matter what the percentages say, there is no one on earth who is exactly like you.

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