Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't Underestimate

Tonight, I spoke to a group of 400 middle and high schoolers. Yes, it was only for about 2 minutes. Yes, it wasn't a "sermon" or a testimony or anything, it was just things that my youth pastor had taught me. But, it was a big deal for me. Two months ago, I would have had a full-on panic attack. I wouldn't have eaten anything all day, I would've been so nervous I'd make myself physically sick. But, now I can do it.

Or rather, I can't do it. God can do it through me. Truthfully, when I speak, I'm as nervous as ever. God calms my thoughts and puts the words in my mouth.

Don't underestimate what He can do through you. Teenagers are capable of so much more than the world, and especially they, themselves, think they are. No, I'm not a good speaker, but yes, I can be when God speaks through me. God takes your imperfections and turns them into something beautiful.

Don't underestimate what God can do in your life, and through your life.

On a sidenote, for all who are interested, a little update on Carmensita, my precious Peruvian girl. I now know the way to send money to Peru for her to see a doctor for her eyes. Once we know exactly what's wrong with her, this process will become more elaborate. We'll start researching medical visas and surgery grants, if she needs it. Also, I've been able to sidestep the horrible Peruvian mailing restrictions (no toys, no clothes, etc.) by a wonderful woman offering to take the gifts for Carmensita, Héctor, and César over to Peru for me when she goes! God is so good! And he is doing incredible things through this little girl's life!

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