Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Bright Side of Orphan Care

China exceeded my expectations in every way.

I went expecting to be broken beyond belief. To fall so deeply in love that I sobbed my guts out when we left. To feel like my heart had been ripped out and stomped on.

While I did see things on this trip, situations of orphans that broke my heart completely, I didn't leave crying.

I left laughing, and full of joy.

All through the trip, I kept wondering what God was teaching me. I didn't feel broken. I didn't feel like I had received some kind of huge calling like last time. What was God showing me?

I took me until the very last day to find out.

For once, God was showing me that I could focus on the bright side of orphan care. Every mission trip I'd been on, I'd come back complete devastated for the plight of orphans.

But this trip gave me incredible hope! Seeing Maria's Big House and the joy of all the orphans there, gave me such hope for orphan care!

Who's to say that Maria's is going to be the only bright side in orphan care? Who says Maria's has to be the only place like it? Who's to say Maria's is going to be the only Big House of Hope?

It was unbelievable how much hope I was given through this trip! I was full of such joy the whole time! I thank God for the opportunity to go to China so that He could show me that just because I work in orphan care, doesn't mean I have to be continually devastated, but that I can be equally filled with joy and hope for these precious kids!

This song was stuck in my head and on repeat on my iPod all week long!

What joy we have in orphan care if our hope is in the name of the Lord, and what peace if our confidence is Him alone!

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