Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Worth It

After months and months of preparation, tonight at Fellowship Bible Church's Big Wednesday event for youth, we kicked off Worthday!

It was like a dream come true. We stood on stage and spoke about our passion for the orphans of Sagrada Familia, of the world. We poured our hearts out, about how much those children deserve to know that they are loved. That they have a Heavenly Father. That they are WORTH dying for.

Seeing hundreds of students sitting on the floor with a picture and information sheet next to them, writing letters to these children. Telling them that they love them. Encouraging them to believe in God, and turn to Him in times of need. Pouring their hearts into words that conveyed the worth of those children.

As I stood on stage, speaking about how Worthday's wish was for them to fall in love with an orphan like God falls in love with the orphans, I was suddenly transported back to my room on a rainy day, wrapping one shoebox with light blue snowflake wrapping paper. I couldn't wait to fill it for Carmencita.

I tingled with anticipation as I wrote her a letter, saying how much I loved her, how beautiful she was, how much more God loved her.

And then I blinked, and saw an entire crowd of students doing the exact same thing.

How did this happen? How did one, simple letter multiply into hundreds. How did one idea grow into an international initiative?

God. It's all God. And I am so humbled and filled with joy that He saw fit to use me in my weakness.

It was all worth it. It was worth the months and months of preparation. It was worth the time spent organizing and re-organizing only to be completely rearranged in Peru. It was worth the over $1000 I had to pay to go to Peru. It was worth spending hours typing in 922 names and ages into an Excel document. It was worth staying up 'til 2:00 a.m. ordering pictures from Costco.

It was worth it, because they're worth it.

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