Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God Provides

The final cost for the Peru trip is $1420.

A few weeks ago, all I had was $75. I was worried. I was very worried that I wouldn't have enough money to go on the trip.

However, I set these worries aside so that I could enjoy the company of my extended family, especially my cousin Sydney, as she was graduating from high school, and I wasn't sure when I'd get to see her again.

During our trip to see my extended family, one of my family members took me aside and began to talk to me about the Peru trip.

"So, how much do you have so far?"

"Well, not much, but I'm getting there."

"Do you think you'll get many donations?"

"I don't know. But, I can babysit and have bake sales and stuff. I'm sure I'll make it."

"Well, I really want you to focus on having fun and learning a lot on this trip, and don't want you to have to worry, so I want to pay for half of your trip."

I'm not sure what my face looked like, but I know what my mind looked like - blank.

He continued. "Do you think $725 will be okay?"

I nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, that'll be great!"

I hadn't wanted to write letters asking for donations. I don't like to ask people for money. And, on top of that, the format for our letter showed that they could check a box to donate $500. I wanted to leave it out. "Who would donate $500?" I thought. It felt like I was asking for quite a bit, kind of being impertinent.

How wrong I was.

God showed me why. Why I had to write the letters. Why I had to put that $500 or over checkbox. Why I had to trust him when I didn't think I could.

God provided for me. And he'll provide for you too.

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