Friday, June 25, 2010


I am pleased to announce that Mom and Dad are finally leaving for Russia today!

After twice the amount of time we thought it would take to get our first travel date, we will finally have some new pictures of our little girl.

We will finally be able to shop for clothes for her (well, I think I'm the only one truly excited about that).

Although I am a little jealous that my parents get to meet Evan months before we kids will, I'm also glad that they'll know all about things in Russia before we go as a family.

They seem to have really odd customs there. Here are just a few:

1) It is traditional to bring the minister of education a bottle of cognac when we meet him.
2) Pedestrians never  have the right of way.
3) When my dad meets Evan, it is very possible that she will be scared of him because she has probably never seen a man (only women work in the orphanages).
4) We have to request a lock for our train compartment because the conductor will try to enter in the middle of the night.

My parents will be gone for a week. Texts cost an excessive amount of money, and there's no guarantee of internet access.

The past week has been absolutely crazy, trying to get ready for Russia, but we'll pull through. And any amount of craziness is worth a new picture of our princess.

I decided to post a waltz I wrote for Evan in this post (it seemed appropriate). Enjoy (hopefully) and let me know what you think! And, if you think about it in the next week, send up a prayer for my parents in Russia and our little girl, Evangeline.

Waltz No. 3 in G Minor: "Evangeline's Waltz"

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