Friday, December 17, 2010


Beautiful. There isn't a girl in the world who doesn't desire with all of her heart to be beautiful.

While most Christian girls know that beauty comes from the heart, not from appearance, it doesn't change the fact that they want that outward beauty.

Sometimes I wonder why God made me to look the way I do. Why I wasn't created to have what the world views as beauty. There are other strong, godly girls that are skinny, don't have acne, and have gorgeous hair. Why me? Why can't I be beautiful like those other girls?

It took me years to hear God's answer. Maybe because I wasn't paying attention. Maybe I didn't want to pay attention.

God whispered to me. He whispered, You are! Can't you see it? You're every bit as beautiful as the other girls! Do they have huge hearts for special needs orphans? No! Don't you see? You have a beauty that no one else could ever have! I made you so beautiful just for Me! You are perfect!

What confidence you can walk with, what joy you can have knowing that the God of the universe designed a type of beauty specifically for you. Every girl has her own beauty. Their own special type that makes them stunningly gorgeous in God's eyes, and in the eyes of those who know Him.

The other people don't matter. And, really, why would you want to impress someone who won't accept you for who you are? Their acceptance isn't important. If they don't see your beauty, then they're obviously blind to what God has created.

Because beauty is a truth. Beauty can not be refuted, not when you know it in your heart. It cannot be denied, when you believe it. People can say all they like. They can make all sorts of accusations about your beauty, but there is one simple reply that will refute all of it.

I am beautiful because God says I am beautiful.

The God of the universe, Lord of Lords, Creator of Heaven and Earth cannot be argued with.

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  1. Tori you are incredible and I think you are BEAUTIFUL from the inside out!!! You inspire me and I admire your heart for God's people! Love you friend!!

    Caroline Greene

    P.S.- I am obsessed with the song Beautiful for Me. I probably listen to it at least twice a day! Haha