Friday, April 24, 2009

Brothers...You Gotta Love 'Em

So I don't think I've ever introduced you faithful readers to my brothers. I have two AMAZING little brothers.
My brother Jace is 10 years old. He's in 4th grade. Like all little brothers, he totally gets on my nerves. But, he's great for stuff like basketball and hanging out. That's one way older brothers are different than younger brothers - the younger ones let you hang with them, the older ones don't. He's totally obsessed with Star Wars. And he is ROCKIN at Legos. No joke. I'll have to upload a picture of some of the stuff he builds. He also has pretty good taste in music for a ten year old, better than I did anyway (Jump5 *cough, cough*). And, get this, he has hair like.... NICK JONAS. I'm not a particular Jonas Brother fan, but pretty much all OTHER teenage girls are. He wanted to cut it off like Indiana Jones and I said, "Dude, your hair is BETTER than Indiana Jones. He couldn't pull it off." Here's a pic of him:

My other brother is Levi. He's only one. And, let me tell you, he's as cu
te as a button. He's totally a ladies' man. He flirts with all the nurses at the doctor. Both of my brothers are adopted, but Jace looks just like us (weird, I know). Levi is African American. He also has Down syndrome. He's scheduled for heart surgery next month. Yeah. But he's such a heartthrob (or will be, one day). Just LOOK at that smile!
Great brothers, I know. You're all probably jealous - I have one brother that's about the cutest thing ever and another that's a future Nick Jonas. But, like all brothers, they do get annoying. Jace is just LOUD. And I don't mean just a little noisy, I mean REALLY LOUD. And Levi has that feeding tube on his stomach that he can't leave alone unless there's a bandage around his stomach. We have to change it every night and it is GROSS. I won't even go into all the details just in case someone here is a tad squeamish. So, what do I do? I flip out and yell. GASP! It can't be! Well, hate to break it to you people, but I'm only human. As are you. Everybody messes up. Like right there, I just misspelled 'messes' about five times before getting it right. Don't beat yourself up when you make mistakes, just try not to make them again.


  1. I totally get what you mean by bros getting annnoying. For example, Dave decided to teach me to drive...on his 1978 Volkswagen bus. I was crying out, "Please, save me! I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die!!! We're all gonna DIE!!!!" I drove it a total distance of 3 feet and killed it twice.

  2. I know how you feel. My little brother pokes me randomly and my little sister is SOOOOOO loud!!! But I can't live without them!!!

  3. Tori, you are a WONDERFUL writer. I love to read your blog. Keep it up!! Praying for Levi all the time. Can't wait until he gets the "all clear" to come home. Suzanne Kroeker