Friday, January 16, 2009

The Real Deal On Popular People

Popular people.

There's some at every school. They're the ones that are always wearing the right clothes, always saying the right things, and always look stunningly beautiful. But does that really make them popular? And what is popularity anyway?
I think that people are only popular because other people make it so. I mean, if nobody thought the popular people were popular, would they be popular?
Because no one would support that idea. If you don't believe me, let me give you a few real-life examples:

Example #1:
I was with a group of friends the other night. It is comprised of about 10 girls in my grade who go to my school. I was surprised that night that one of the "popular" girls had come. As she sat down, one of the other girls goes, "Oh my gosh, Tori, Megan, like, loves you." And the popular girl goes, "I do! Your hilarious! Everybody loves you, Tori. I'm so jealous!"
That kind of hit me. What do you know? A popular girl was jealous of me. And I had always viewed myself as unpopular. To further prove my point, here is one more example:
Example #2:
I was with a group of friends, once again, and we were sharing the highs and lows of our week. I was surprised to hear that the popular girls were the ones who were being bullied at school, being called names and what-not. I had never been bullied at school before, ever.

So you see, I think we judge popular people. I think we expect them to be sort of demi-gods. In short, they make the same mistakes as we do. People think they're really mean and snotty because they never pay attention to them. But isn't that being judgmental too? When we think that, are we not judging them without really and personally knowing them? How do we know that they haven't gone through something really hard. Maybe their mom's been divorced three times and they're having a hard time with all their dads. Maybe they had a parent die. Or maybe they just have a difficult home situation.
So next time you say or think something bad about a "popular" person, try to catch yourself. You don't know what they've been through. Maybe they just don't know how to handle their emotions. And remember, they're just like you and me. We're the ones that make them popular.

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  1. Tori...where does all of your knowledge come from? You are deep. All of the stuff you've put on here, it's true. You are one of my smartest friends and one of the smartest people I know.