Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Day Back

So you just had two weeks plus some off of school. You slept late, hung out with friends, saw some extended family, and got some presents. And then it drops like a bomb on your ride.
School's back.
It's a truly depressing thought. Back to waking up early, annoying teachers, and homework.
This morning you probably woke to your bleeping alarm. You probably pressed the sleep button and hunkered back down, eyes closed, curled up in your blanket. Then it totally rained on your day when, five minutes later, it went off again. You groggily got dressed and brushed your teeth. Maybe you took a shower or ate breakfast. And then, whoops, you totally missed the bus and you're very ticked mom has to drive you to school. In Social Studies class, you got unfairly called out for not paying attention. That minor project in Science just slipped your mind. At lunch, you spilled chocolate milk on your favorite white t-shirt. And to top it all off, you bit the dust and did a face plant on your way out the building.
That's a pretty bad day, if you ask me.
So the question is, what do we do about days when nothing goes right? Well, let's see a few examples:
Example #1:
When Jacob got home from school that day, he sulked. He sulked and sulked and sulked. He pushed his brother, snapped at his mom, and back-talked his Dad. During dinner, he didn't join in the conversations. Instead he sat and moped and played with his food. At the football game, he missed every single throw. The way he saw it, that was just one more thing to mope about in his horrible life. Finally, his dad said he'd had enough of this sulking and that Jacob was grounded until he had a better attitude.
Example #2:
Emily sat and stared at the mound of homework that she had. Teachers weren't supposed to give this much homework right off the bat, were they? But, she guessed, the homework wasn't going to do itself. Emily sat down with a snack bar and a bottle of Coke and started to work. It took her a long time to accomplish it, but she did anyway. She didn't want to go to the football game either. But she had signed up for the cheer squad, and it was her responsibility to be loyal to her squad. They didn't even win the game, but Emily was glad that she'd cheered for them. If they had no support, how would they win anyway? Her parents congratulated her for doing such a good job.
So what was the difference between Emily and Jacob? Only their attitudes! The difference was how they saw the situation. That's all it takes to turn a bad day into a good one! Now, that can be the toughest thing in the world to do sometimes. But you should at least try. No one wants to hang around a mopey, pessimistic person anyway.
Now, I've done my fair share and more of sulking and moping. And, more often than not, I crumble when my life gets hard. But you can always pray for God to give you a better attitude. And don't think that after you pray you'll suddenly be happy and everything. You have to work at it. You have to struggle every second to find the good side of a situation. And even if you can't find the good in something, it's probably just hiding. Remember...
God always means for things to happen. And they're all good. Maybe we just can't see it yet.

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