Friday, August 19, 2011

God's Little Girl

When Evan came home from the orphanage, it was clear that she had not been taken care of as she should have been.

She would carry around anything that she could call her own, even a baby wipe, and hold onto it fiercely as if she were afraid someone would take it.

She would cry when Mom was cooking dinner because she was afraid she wouldn't get to eat.

Most of the time, she wouldn't even chew before swallowing because she was scared her food would be taken away.

And she was so small. So tiny compared to Levi. In 24 month clothes and she was 4.

But she doesn't even compare to this little girl.

This is Liliana. From the picture, it is painfully obvious that she has not been cared for the way that she should. That she is not getting the nutrition or care that she needs. But Liliana is not 4 like Evan. No.

Liliana is 11. She weighs 10 pounds.

These pictures make me physically sick to my stomach. They make me so mad that I shake. Precious Liliana. That precious little girl. That could be Evan.

There is absolutely no difference between Liliana and Evan, except that Evan has a forever family. In fact, if we had given it 7 more years, Evan probably would have looked like that too.

And what I want to know is how they decide that Liliana is not worth it. That Liliana is not worth feeding, not worth pouring into, not worth being loved.

Is it because she looks different? Is it because she functions differently?

Honestly, the reasoning doesn't matter. A child is a child. And a child deserves to grow up knowing how much they are loved. Has Liliana ever even left her crib!?

My gosh, she is eleven!!!

She is eleven and she's no bigger than a baby.

And this is when I cry out to God. God, please!!! Please, save Liliana! Oh, how I wish I could fly to her country right this moment and grab her and scoop her up and look into those beautiful, big eyes and say, "Liliana, I love you! I will keep you safe. You are beautiful. You are precious. You are worth so much."

And, God speaks back. His heart is aching for her. Oh, how it pains him to see his daughter in such a manner as this! And it is then when the responsibility falls on us, His children.

Save her.

My God looks at me with tears in his eyes, begging, pleading, and says, "Will someone step up and save my daughter? My daughter who is suffering, who has done no wrong, will someone rescue her?"

The God I pledged my life to has a daughter who is dying in Eastern Europe. How can I call myself His follower and do nothing? How can I call myself a daughter of Christ, and not work to save my sister, His daughter?

Liliana has a family. A brave, brave family has stepped up to rescue this precious child of God. The money is provided for. And, so I ask God, but what can I do?

How can I help to save this child?

His answer: pray.

Pray that she will survive until her family can bring her home. Pray that she will not only survive, but thrive at home. Pray that she will grow and flourish in her new environment. Pray that she will know how much she is loved and how much she is worth.

But she is not the only one. There are seven other children like Liliana at her orphanage. And countless hundreds more all over the world that we will never know about. Will you join me in praying for her and for them?

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  1. Tori-

    As usual, you cut so clearly through all the incidentals, straight to God's heart. Thanks for being so willing to be His spokesperson. Your words make a difference that maybe you will never see--but He sees.

    Love you, Pop-Pop