Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Beautiful baby Angela is the child who first started us on our adoption journey again. We honestly thought that we were done after Levi - until we saw her beautiful face. After prayers and discussion, we decided that we would pursue her adoption.

But Kenya's adoption regulations were difficult. We realized that in order to make Angela, who had Down syndrome, a part of our family, it might be necessary to move to Kenya and live them for up to two years.

It seemed daunting at first, but we were determined. She was meant to be with us.

Then Kenya refused to comply with the Hague Adoption Convention, and so it's adoptions to America were closed.

While we were obviously very sad, we knew that if and when adoptions opened again, she would come to be with us.

Without Angela first opening our eyes to another adoption, we would not have pursued Evan. And I would not have a sister.

But Angela is never going to come and live with us. She will never be my sister. Not here anyway.

Angela has gone to live with her Heavenly father. Where she will not be discriminated against for having Down syndrome. Where she will be loved day and night for all eternity by her Daddy.

While I am devastated that I will never have the joy and privilege of knowing and loving her here. I am overjoyed that she is now in Heaven. Where she will be loved and cherished forever.

I pray that God keeps his arms constantly around her, and lets her know that her family who never got to become her family here on earth cannot wait to meet her in Heaven. She is truly an angel.

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  1. Oh no. My prayers won't seem right without her. When did she die?