Sunday, October 31, 2010


There's something special about church camp.

Besides doing all sorts of fun things, it really brings you back to God, and reminds you of who He is and what He's given you.

Our campus was absolutely gorgeous, and the messages were incredibly moving. The subject was bracing ourselves by living lives of confession, repentance, and dependence.

I felt like I had always lived a life of confession, though, for the most part. Sure, there were one or two things that I had been hiding from God and from others, but, generally, I don't like to hide my faults. How else can I and others learn from them? And, there had never been a greater lesson on dependence than getting sick in Peru, not to mention having to leave all those suffering babies behind.

The most moving thing that I learned at camp wasn't even something we were "learning" about. I realized how lucky I am to have friends that are on the same path toward Christ that I am. I take my friends for granted, but it finally fell on me how entirely grateful I am to God for giving them to me.

My favorite moments of camp were probably the most ridiculous - singing Disney songs on top of the cabinets in the cabin, making up a dance about cupcakes, and attempting to write notes in Spanish.

The full weight of what my friends are to me fell on me this week, and just thinking about it is almost crushing. God has given us the most beautiful gift in the world, the gift of allowing us to have friends that walk with Him. And we can't forget how lucky we are to have that.

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