Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Bad Case of Hospital Overload

There are many things in this world that I dislike. Let's list a just a few.

1) Pickles
2) Punky kids
3) Stuck-up government officials

You guys remember my baby brother, right? The cute, baby one? Yeah. Last Tuesday he had...

Open-Heart Surgery

Yep. They sliced open the chest (sawing through bone and everything) of a two-year-old boy. And the surgery went great. Yep, everything healing up just fine. Except, oh yeah, his heart isn't beating well enough. He's on an artificial pacemaker right now. They're giving him until Monday for his heart to start beating or they're permanently inserting the pacemaker. At first it was , "Oh this is relatively normal. It will probably start beating within two days." And then it was four days, then six, then a week. They said it could take up to two weeks - and it has. I feel like everything that could go wrong with his recovery, is going wrong. He even pulled out his feeding tube!

And the worst of it is... the doctors are SOOOOO unfeeling!!! My dad kept trying to crack jokes on the doctor to lighten up the surgery atmosphere, and she was totally not buying it. She just sat there, all business, with that cold, hard face, unmoved. And they would NOT sedate that baby boy so he could get some sleep!!! It was ridiculous!!! My mom would try to sit him up and he would just flop over he was so tired. INCONCEIVABLE!!! So I came to the conclusion that those nurses and doctors had a bad case of...

Hospital Overload

They've seen so much horrible stuff happen at that hospital, that they just don't want to interact with any of the patients or the patients' families because they're afraid something will happen to them and the pain will be all the worse. Not to mention they're sterile, dull feeling of the place. It's ALL white. And the lights are all fluorescent and weird and... they just make me shiver. Whenever I go there, I feel extremely deprived of sunlight and the outside world. I mean... Little Man's only been there for a week and I've had enough hospital for a LIFETIME.

But then, I guess it's not all bad. Lot's of good stuff happens at hospitals too. Lives are saved, broken bones healed, all sorts of stuff. But, even so, let's just say I'm NEVER going to medical school. That's one career choice that forever had a giant red X over it.

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